scanning-and-indexingSmit Infotech offers the best Scanning and Indexing Services to their clients; We provide fast and accurate scanning and indexing output as per your need with a cost-effective and timely manner.

Through using our high-quality scanning and indexing you can save your time and money. We also increase the effectiveness of your requirements. Our Scanning professionals are capable of scanning large amounts of scanning and indexing. We have high-speed scanner and indexing and verification system. We have Quality assurance and quality control system which we provide to you with the document management system.

We do following type of Scanning and Indexing Services:

  • Image Scanning
  • Document Scanning
  • Drawing Scanning
  • File Naming and Coding
  • Full-Text Optical character recognition (OCR services)
  • File Library Indexing
  • File search and Retrieval solutions
  • File Conversion Image to Txt, Image to Doc, Image to Xls, Image to CSV etc.
  • Document Management Application Integration

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