Smit Infotech provides you, Professional and Personalized - Mass Emailing sending services, Which saves your time and money. We also increase effectiveness of your requirements. Our professional team is capable to send large amount of Emails. We have unique physical server systems for Email sending, which is very effective for hit recipients inbox and, we also have Email verification system. We have Quality assurance and quality control system so we are capable to provides you world’s best Emailing Sending services.

For Emailing if you not have any contact Email list no problem we will search the Emails and generate leads for you.

Our Email sending system is unique with rotational IPs, because of that each time your Email will go in to recipients Inbox, and you can verify your Email hits anytime through our online live system. Once you choose our service, we will take 24 48 Hours for setup.

Below are the points why you need to choose Smit Infotech’s Personalized - Mass Emailing services.

Create new Customer relations:

Each email sending by us will send by personal care and attention, it means proper recipients and they will get that Email in to Inbox, so there is more change for new customer relation development.

Any type of Email communication:

Each email sending will be approved by our automated system so you able to send any type of emails directly in to recipients inbox.

Improve your sales and revenue:

More Inbox email hits means you will get more visit to your website or your business, which will turn in to business inquires and finally in revenue.

Build trust with your subscribers.

By starting your own weekly or monthly newsletter, you're establishing your website as a credible source of information, which helps your visitors build up their trust in you.

Our Infrastructures for Email Sending:

  • Xeon Server with High level configuration
  • We have Rotational IP and Proxy servers to prevent blacklisting.
  • High Inbox hit ratio.
  • Online Statics with unsubscribe function.
  • Free Trial Email Sending.

For more Information about Personalized or Mass Email Sending send us your inquiry at E-mail :

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